Ministerial vacancies

This table shows ministerial vacancies as advised to Assembly Office. To inform us of a vacancy or of a change to a listing, please email Margaret Fawcett. Entries that are new or have been changed within the past month are in blue. If you are a foreign minister looking to take part in an exchange to New Zealand, please read this information. Ministers from other denominations interested in reception can find information here.

Parish Call Convenor Notes Vacant

Northern Presbytery


Kaimai Presbytery

Otorohanga - St David's Presbyterian Church F/T David Gordon Sole Charge 11/12
Rotorua District Presbyterian Church F/T Jim Wallace Team Ministry 12/14
Hamilton St Andrews F/T Alistair McBride Sole Charge 12/15
Knox Presbyterian Church Morrinsville F/T Murray Lanbert Sole Charge 5/16

Presbytery Central

Feilding Oroua Presbyterian Church F/T Pamela Tankersley Sole Charge 7/15
Lower Hutt Knox St Columba F/T Alistair Lane
Team Ministry 12/15
Palmerston North - St Mark's & St Andrews Presbyterian Church F/T Christopher Purdie Sole Charge 2/14
New Plymouth St Andrew's F/T James Welham Sole Charge 9/15
Wadestown Presbyterian Wellington F/T or P/T Nathan Parry Sole Charge 10/15
Wanganui - St James Presbyterian F/T Rev John Peill Sole Charge  05/10

Alpine Presbytery

St Andrews Takaka 75% Colin Langford Sole Charge 1/15
St Marks Avonhead F/T

Matthew Jack

Sole Charge 11/15
Temuka - Trinity Presbyterian Church F/T Les Gosling Sole Charge 08/10
Hope Presbyterian F/T David Dally Assistant Pastor 08/15
Plains Presbyterian Church F/T Phylis Harris Sole Charge 12/15
St Martins Presbyterian Church Christchurch F/T Andrew Nichol Sole Charge 12/15
Timaru Presbyterian Church F/T Martin Stewart Team Ministry 12/15
Kaipoi Co-operating Parish F/T Nancy Jean Whitehead  Sole Charge 12/14
Southern Presbytery
Palmerston/Dunback Presbyterian Parish F/T Cameron Sinclair Sole Charge 5/13
Popotunoa (Clinton) F/T Tony Martin Sole Charge 2/15
Waiareka Western F/T Ivan Martinez Sole Charge 2/16
Dunedin South P/T Geoff Skilton Sole Charge 7/15
Lumsden Balfour Kingston F/T Keith Hooker Sole Charge 8/15


New Zealand Defence Force - reservist & force positions   Chaplains @ NZDF   6/13

The following abbreviations are used:
FT: Full time ministry position available
0.5, 0.66 etc: Part time ministry position available, number indicates size of position, e.g. 0.5 = 50% or half-time
CV: Co-operating Venture

Please note that only ministers from the Presbyterian Church or from Churches with whom we have a reciprocal agreement may apply for vacant parishes within the Presbyterian Church. Ministers from other churches may be appointed to short-term, stated supply roles or seek reception to the ministerial roll of the Presbyterian Church.  For information on criteria for stated supply or reception please email Margaret Fawcett.

Lumsden Balfour Kingston

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