Were you a child of a Presbyterian missionary family between about 1930 and 1960? Or are you descended from someone who was a missionary child in those years? Do you have in your possession old records of the family in those years that you would be willing to be looked at for research purposes? Are you interested in having some of these stories told for the benefit of the wider church or community?

If any of these apply then I am very interested in: talking with you further with respect to examining and making copies of some of that material; interviewing you; or both if applicable.

I will need either up to a day of your time (to look at the materials) or two hours of your time (for an interview), at a time to be arranged with you.

If you are interested in talking further with me then please contact me as follows: Dr Hugh Morrison, College of Education, University of Otago, P O Box 56, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand, (ph) 03 479 4240 (work) or (03) 473 9693 (home); email:

This project has been reviewed and approved by the College of Education, University of Otago


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