Treasurers' information - Church Management Support Guide

The Church Management Support Guide

Has been produced to guide treasurers through their role; it is a business resource for administration and management.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your PC, Mac or Android you will not be able to view this document, so please download Adobe Reader for free for your operating system here.

Please note that the CHURCH MANAGEMENT SUPPORT GUIDE is an interactive pdf – where website addresses and links appear in the book you can click on them and the website or link will open. To search the document: right click anywhere on the document and a menu box will appear, click on “find” and a small search box will appear, type in the name of the item you are searching for and press enter on your keyboard. The item you are searching for will now be highlighted in the document; use the arrows on the search box to forward to all the places in the document your item is listed.

Church Accounting Standards & Charities Registration seminar resources

Please click on this link to download a number of useful seminar resources. 

General Assembly Funds

Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2014

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