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Vanuatu Travel Subsidy

Click here to read how members of Presbyterian and Uniting congregations can apply for a travel subsidy to volunteer in Vanuatu

I Love Taiwan Programme

I Love Taiwan is an annual mission programme run by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, for young adults aged 16-35 (yes, that is still young!) Each year they invite young adults from all over the world to participate in this multicultural faith-based event. Participants learn about the life and culture of Taiwan, and share in the mission of the church, while meeting like-minded young adult Christians from all over the world. Members of the PCANZ are invited to apply for this, which takes place between June 29 and July 16. You can read about last year’s programme in the spring edition of Spanz and download the application for this year’s programme here.

The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan is an important ecumenical partner of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, and much can be gained learning about Taiwanese life and culture, while being hosted by the PCT during this highly regarded and well-run programme.

The main cost of the programme is return airfares to Taiwan, which are usually around $1,500. Successful applicants will receive a subsidy from Global Mission. The remainder of the costs need to be borne by the applicant and his or her church. A maximum of four applicants will be accepted.

Enquiries can be made by contacting the Global Mission Coordinator, Phil King, Applications need to be emailed to this address or posted to Phil by April 16th to P.O. Box 9049, Wellington 6141.

Nambawan! Newsletter - Vanuatu

Download the Nambawan! newsletter, which is dedicated to our partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. This includes up-to-date information about cyclone recovery projects, and the many ways in which members and congregations of the PCANZ are supporting the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu.

New Rice Bowl Website

Rice Bowl Mission is very excited to launch our brand new website! Go have a look, share it around, and keep on checking in for the latest news on Rice Bowl:

English teacher Required for Theological College, Vanuatu

Would you like to serve overseas? The PCANZ supports an English teacher at Talua Ministry Training centre in Vanuatu. This position will become available in 2016. Interested applicants are invited to read the job description and person specification here. The successful applicant will preferably be a member of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Contact Global Mission Coordinator Phil King for more information.

Healthcare Tutors Needed

The Korvan Community Health School is a healthcare training school in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The vision of Korvan is to train Ni-Vanuatu to provide primary health care in their communities, where this is often very limited. Opportunities exist for volunteers from New Zealand to provide tuition on a range of healthcare topics. Free accommodation is available on-site and tutors may come for any length of time that suits - as short as a week or as long as three months. Health professionals with an interest in offering their services as a tutor are invited to contact Global Mission Coordinator Phil King,

Pacific Vision Vanuatu Appeal

In March 2015, Vanuatu was devastated by Cyclone Pam. In a response to this, PCANZ Moderator the Rt Rev Andrew Norton launched a Moderator’s appeal, to support the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV). Donations are still being received for this appeal, which is enabling the PCV to help their communities recover from this cataclysmic event. The appeal will assist the in the recovery effort, which will continue for months and years to come. Funds have already been sent to help with the rebuilding of churches, schools, and pastors’ houses.

Helping Tuvalu, Kiribati and other Pacific nations recover from Cyclone Pam

Donations to support churches recovering from the cyclone in other Pacific nations can be made to Presbyterian Church Global Mission, PO Box 9049, Wellington 6141, or make an electronic transfer to our bank account (contact Katrina Graham for these details). Please clearly identify which church you wish to support. 

PCANZ Global Mission - Why, Where, and How

The PCANZ affirms that it is called to work with others to make Jesus Christ known through the five faces of mission:

  • Through proclamation of the gospel
  • Through the nurture and teaching of people in the Christian faith
  • Through response to human need in loving service
  • Through seeking to transform society
  • Through care for creation

Global Mind: A Theology of Mission - Called, Sent, Empowered

You are invited to like the Global Mission Facebook page and read Phil King’s blog,

PCANZ has been involved in mission with our church partners over many years. Our most long-standing partnerships have been with the Church of North India, and the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. These stem from mission activity dating back over a hundred years. More recently we have established an effective relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar. We also have growing relationships with networks of churches across Asia, some of whom have invested significant resources in establishing links here in New Zealand. Through these partnerships we respond to the call of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations and help to provide much-needed resources for Christian mission overseas. This also enriches the life of the PCANZ through our mutual sharing and growing together in the worldwide body of Christ. The various links on this site will provide you with information about the current status of PCANZ Global Mission, and give you an insight into new trends and future possibilities. Individuals and congregations within PCANZ are invited to enquire about how to participate in and support our work, by contacting the Global Mission Coordinator, Phil King.

Our Key Mission Partnerships

Follow the links for information on our mission partnerships in Vanuatu, India and Myanmar.

Our Myanmar partnership, the Ricebowl Mission, produces a regular newsletter, Mingalaba. Read the latest version here

Training Opportunities


Internship opportunities serving with our partner churches in Asia, particularly South Korea, from a few weeks to several months are available through Global Mission. Read about PCANZ member Max Westropp’s internship in South Korea here.

Training in Mission

Training in Mission is a 10-month long programme run by the Council for World Mission, for young adults aged 18-30. The next opportunity for members from PCANZ will be in 2016. For more information click here or contact Global Mission Coordinator Phil King

Opportunities to Serve

English teachers in Thailand

English teaching positions are available in Thailand with the Church of Christ. These are in church-run schools and can be for a few months to a year. Go to

Prison Ministry, Thailand

Kathryn McDaniel serves in prison ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is willing to host a young person for a short term stay to observe, learn and assist in this challenging ministry. This volunteer experience could also include some English teaching. This could suit someone on a gap year, or someone who is travelling to Asia and who has an interest in mission. You will need to be a mature, committed Christian who is willing to fund your own way and who is capable of coping with the demands of this challenging ministry.

Health Centre Tutors, Vanuatu

Korvan is based on a vision to train Christian healthcare workers to provide healthcare in their communities throughout Vanuatu. This is a partnership between the Presbyterian Churches of Korea and Vanuatu, with assistance from PCANZ. Interested health professionals are invited to volunteer their services in tutoring.

Going Global Mission Trips

Going Global is partnership between Global Mission, Presbyterian Youth Ministries, and Asian Ministries. Each year there are opportunities to be involved in mission trips to Vanuatu, Taiwan, and other partner churches.

Going Global India 2015: This is planned for India in November 2015. This will explore the PCANZ’s mission history in India, and learn about the changing mission context and visit the projects we are currently supporting. 

Council for World Mission Opportunities

The Council for World Mission (CWM) offers several opportunities for cross-cultural mission experiences for young adults. For Face to Face, Training in Mission, and other CWM programmes, view the CWM website. Expression of interest from PCANZ members aged between 18-30 are invited – see

Read Jordan Redding's reflection on his experience in 2014 on the Council for World Mission Face to Face programme in Fiji.

Members in Mission

The Global Mission website has a link called Members in Mission. If you are a congregation or a member of the PCANZ, and serve in mission that is not directly supported by PCANZ, you are invited to post your information to this site. Click on the Members in Mission link on the sidebar. Check it out, and if you or your congregation have any information that can be added to it, you can fill out the form on-line.

Partner International Organisations

The Uniting Church in Australia

Council for World Mission

Christian World Service

International Ecumenical Councils

Please Support Global Mission

The Rev. Phil King is our Global Mission Coordinator. Contact him on or (04)3818294 to find out how you can get involved in the mission of the PCANZ. Donations for our overseas projects and partners can be sent to Global Mission, PCANZ Assembly Office, P.O. Box 9049, Wellington, 6141.

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