Requests for mission workers

In partnership with the Council for World Mission

Church Type of requests Comments
United Church in the Solomon Islands School Teacher - Goldie Hospital
2 Nurse Tutors – Helena Goldie
1 Theology Lecturer – Seghe Theological College
Medical doctor
Science Prefer PhD level

General Practicioner

Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa School Teacher – Kanana Fou High Sch
Theology Lecturer – Kanana Fou Seminary
Maths, History (US), Science

Masters Degree, Biblical Studies, Missiology and Theology

Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu Teachers – Fetuvalu High School Preferably a married couple
Kiribati Protestant Church Project officer  
Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar Project officer  
United Congregational Church of Southern Africa English Teacher (TOEFL) – Mozambique Synod
2 Ministers – South Africa and Botswana Synod
Administrator – Leadership Academy
United Church of Zambia Financial Secretary Accounting experience and qualifications are necessary
Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China English Teachers (TOEFL) Short Term
Nauru Congregational Church Minister to provide congregational Leadership
United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands 3 Ministers
Lecturer in Psychology
Property development officer
prefer PhD in Psychology
Pacific Theological College Lecturer in Church Ministry To teach courses at MTh and BD level with emphasis on Christian education and Pastoral Counseling.  Masters or PhD, with five year exp

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