Chiang Mai Prison Ministry - Kathryn McDaniel

Kathryn McDanielKathryn has been a missionary for over 34 years. She is currently director of a prison outreach from her English speaking congregation, to the foreign inmates at Chiang Mai Central Prison and the local police stations. She regularly cares for prisoners who are transferred to Bangkok and other prisons too. Kathryn has cared for prisoners in hospital and even on that "final journey" of life. She is often the only point of contact between the prisoner and their families.

Kathryn is also committed to enabling young people from New Zealand and Australia to "experience mission" for themselves. Much of her work involves use of the Thai language, speaking with prison officials, police, and assisting with court translation.

Support the outstanding work of Kathryn McDaniel, our Global Missioner in Chiang Mai. Contributions towards the costs of stationary, postage, food, toiletries and warm blankets for prisoners and Kathryns travel costs within Chiang Mai, are gratefully recieved. The GMO provides funding towards Kathryn's living expenses. Contact if you would like to support Kathryn on a regular basis, by automatic payment.

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